Taxi Liège Airport

At 10 kilometers west of Liège Belgium, lies Liège Airport, also known as Liège-Bierset Airport. When it comes to freight transport, this is the largest airport in Belgium. In terms of passengers, it is the third largest airport in Belgium after Zaventem and Charleroi.

Taxi Liège Airport for a comfortable, carefree and economical journey

Taxi Liège Airport for a comfortable, carefree and economical journey
Should you depart from Liège Airport for your vacation or business trip, then you are at the right place at Pretaxi:

  • No dragging with bags and suitcases;
  • No stress about arriving and checking in on time;
  • You will be taken neatly from door to door;
  • You will be in good time for your flight.

One of our experienced drivers will pick you up at the agreed location at the agreed time. This can be at your home, or at a different location in the Eindhoven region, for example if you are traveling with several people. Our driver helps you with your bags and bags and ensures that you arrive safely at the airport after a relaxed ride.

The driver will take you to the terminal and help you with the bags and suitcases. Because we ensure that you are present in plenty of time, you still have time for a cup of coffee after you check in before you go to the plane. That is just relaxed travel.

We use fixed low rates for transport to and from the airport.

Return transportation from Liège Airport

It’s  also a good idea to book the return journey fro mLiège Airport with Pretaxi in advance. It is a nice feeling that a car with driver will be waiting for you when you return to Liège Airport. You do not have to worry about transport back home. We monitor your flight, so that even if the plane arrives early, or is delayed, you are always assured of a taxi waiting for you.

Suitcases and bags included

It goes without saying that you have luggage when you travel. We at Pretaxi understand that. That is why, unlike many other taxi companies, we do not charge extra costs for your luggage. We like transparency and there are no costs afterwards.

Don’t forget to arrange your return trip, book in time

In most cases, it is clear before you leave when you will be back. It is wise to also discuss the journey back on time. That saves you headaches during the journey back from Liège Airport. It is a nice idea to have all this well arranged when you leave.

Ask about the possibilities and our competitive rates

We already have fixed rates for the most popular journeys. These rates also apply during Sundays and public holidays and during the high season. Even at irregular hours, such as at night and very early in the morning, these rates are applied. We like transparency, so if the journey is the same, the prices will remain the same.

At Pretaxi you are also at the right place for less common journeys and transport of groups of more than 8 people. Let us prepare a quote for you completely free of obligation and convince yourself of our low prices.


Amsterdam Schipholfrom € 149from € 159from € 169
Schipholfrom € 149from € 159from € 169
Brussel Zaventemfrom € 149from € 159from € 169
Düsseldorffrom € 149from € 159from € 169
Eindhoven Airportfrom € 27from € 35from € 45
Weezefrom € 99from € 109from € 119
Rotterdam Airportfrom € 139from € 149from € 159
Frankfurt a.M;from € 299from € 309from € 319

PLEASE NOTE: you will receive a text message confirming your reservation. Click on the link in the SMS to confirm your reservation.

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